Nokia VP: Windows Phone or Bust

Take a look at Nokia’s Lumia line and it’s clear they are putting a lot of work into Windows Phone. But just how dedicated to Windows Phone is Nokia in the long run? Nokia VP Victor Saeijs says “there is no plan B.”

“Plan B is that plan A must succeed,” he said. “It’s like starting all over again. But we must succeed in the U.S. if we are to succeed in the world,” Saeijs is quoted as saying. “Right now we are totally focused on making Lumia a success.”

Those are the words you want to hear from a company. This attitude puts Nokia above all the other OEMs who seem to care more about Android than Windows Phone. Nokia has to succeed with Windows Phone. If they don’t the entire platform may be in jeopardy. But if they do they will make everyone else up their game too. It’s scary to think that platform could live and die by one OEM.

[via WMPU]

  • Qian Xu

    Either Nokia and Microsoft both live or they both die.

  • Good luck to both of them. The phones and software they’ve previewed look great.