PaperKarma Gets Rid of Annoying Junk Mail

One of the most annoying things about checking mail daily is the amount of junk mail you receive from solicitations of various companies. Cable companies, credit card companies, wireless companies, all vying for your business by bombarding your personal mailbox with their ads. PaperKarma can help put a stop to it by contacting companies on your behalf to add you to their do not contact list.

So how does it work? It’s actually pretty ingenious. The guys behind PaperKarma spent an entire year working on a database of companies that are known to send out flyers and other forms of junk mail. It’s federal law that these companies must have some manner of do not contact list, so these guys gathered this information from as many companies as they could.

From there, the app works by you taking a picture of the offending article you’ve received in the mail and uploading it via the app. Your name and address are required to use the app, but the guys behind PaperKarma are helping you get rid of junk mail, not creating it.

Once you’ve uploaded the picture, they contact the company that sent the mailer and voila! you’ve been removed. Don’t believe it works? There are a few examples on their blog page here if you’re eager to check it out.

It’s certainly an interesting concept, so if you’re eager to see if it’ll work for you, give it a try and snag it in the Marketplace here. It’s free!

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