Unofficial Marketplace App Request Site Launches

When asked what the one fault of Windows Phone is, many users who have experience with the operating system default to lack of apps. Certainly Microsoft needs to capture developer’s attention in better ways, but an unofficial initiative hopes to do just that.

Scott Dorman, a Microsoft MVP has set up a UserVoice site that allows people to vote on specific applications that people would next like to see land in the Windows Phone marketplace. it’s a great way to gather feedback about what Windows Phone users want next, and enterprising developers could take advantage of that demand and make a hefty chunk of money if they decide to develop the idea.

Of course, this idea is not endorsed by Microsoft in any way and is a community maintained effort, so how well the site does depends highly on user response and whether or not developers are eager to comply with what people want. When WP7 picks up the traction it needs to gain a better foothold in the marketplace, then initiatives like this will be perfect for starting developers to determine what the people want.

[via WPCentral]


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