“Carbon” Twitter App Finally in the Marketplace

Twitter apps are a dime a dozen, but good Twitter apps are a little more rare. Carbon was a very popular Twitter app for WebOS, and after a long journey it has finally landed in the Marketplace. Just how long of a journey was it? Carbon was rejected from the Marketplace four times before performing a suspenseful cross-platform jump.

Carbon is one of the more feature packed apps you’ll see. “Quick Line” allows you to view all of your Twitter in one timeline. This means Lists, Saved Searches, Retweets, and more appear in one timeline. Carbon also has inline images so you don’t have to leave the timeline to see attached pictures. You can even double tap a Tweet to reply without leaving the timeline.

Carbon also packs a lot of live tile features into the app. There are pinnable shortcuts for composing Tweets and searching. The live tile shows new mentions and direct messages. This app has so many features you really have to check out the app description in the Marketplace. Carbon is $1.99, but will be updated in a couple days with a free trial.


  • I had Carbon on my original Palm Pre and loved the shit out of it. I can’ wait to have access to it again.