LG Adds 3 Apps to their Marketplace, New Handset to Follow?

LG has been in the Windows Phone news a lot recently, and today is no exception. Like every other OEM LG has a special section in the Marketplace for apps that can be downloaded only on their devices. Are they getting ready to showcase these new apps on a brand new Windows Phone? That certainly seems plausible after the leaks of the LG Miracle.

The first app is Nowcaster. This is a hands-free news app that will read you the current weather, calendar events, and latest news.

Next up is a kid friendly app called Winny Toolbox. Like the name suggests this app is a collection of utilities including a unit converter, a calculator, a clothing size converter, a timer, a random number generator, a standard, rule, and more.

Last is Winny & Friends. This is a simple app for taking pictures and then decorating them with fun stickers and text. Find all these apps on your LG phone.

[via WMPU]


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