Lumia Launch in Finland Saw a Drop in iOS & Android Marketshare


It’s always interesting to see how a new phone launch can affect current marketshare for other operating systems. WMPU is reporting that StatCounter shows a marked increase in Windows Phones after the launch in Finland, but that it still has a very long way to go before it can reach Android and iOS levels.

The Lumia 800 adoption has been pretty rapid, with all major OSes outside of Windows Phone reporting a drop the week of the launch. Check out this table composed by WMPU to see just how much.

Date iOS Android SymbianOS MeeGo Maemo 5 Windows Phone
2012-04 38.53 33.48 22.84 1.57 0.92 0.83
2012-05 37.97 34.2 21.94 1.73 0.9 1.55
2012-06 37.57 33.95 21.79 1.66 0.86 2.52

This is a pretty significant increase for Windows Phone, but it could be attributed to the fact that Nokia is a very strong brand within the country. Whether the United States will see growth like this is a toss up we’ll just have to wait for the launch to see.


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