Microsoft France Offers Handset Training to Carrier Sales Staff

One of the major flaws oft reported by media and analysts as a reason Windows Phone has been unable to penetrate the market any deeper aside from lack of apps is sales associates of various carriers often pushing iOS and Android on upgrading customers.

Microsoft France seeks to tackle this issue by contracting an external training company to visit up to 60 stores in France to deliver 30-120 minute training sessions to help carrier staff better their sales pitch for Windows Phones. Hands-on training follows, with a quiz to complete to make sure features of the phone are completely understood. Each store will then be visited three times per quarter for refreshers and to gauge the impact of the training.

Of course, the part that is a little less agreeable is that handset sales are being incentivized, which will likely mean a dollar commission goes into the associates pocket for every Windows Phone that goes out the door.

It’s obvious that Microsoft understands the need to attack it’s market directly from the point of origin–with the carrier’s–but whether this will have any effect remains to be seen. We’re sure if favorable results are seen in France, a similar program could be launched in the United States and other countries as well.

[via WMPU]


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