Smoked by Windows Phone Went 19-0 Yesterday in CA, Looking for More Competition Today

Smoked by Windows Phone is a cool promotion run by Ben Rudolph that showcases the speed of getting things done on Windows Phone. Ben will challenge random people passing by with non-Windows Phone devices to a speed competition. For example, he might challenge them to see who can take a picture and send it to Twitter the fastest. Yesterday Ben was 19-0 doing similar challenges at a Microsoft Store in Costa Mesa, CA. He took down devices like the iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus, Evo 3D, etc.

Today Ben and the gang will be at the Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo, CA. If any of our readers are still on the fence about Windows Phone now is a good chance to put your device up against one and see how it does. You may even get a new device and t-shirt out of the deal. They will be there from 1pm-7pm local time.

[via Windows Team Blog]

  • I love my Nexus S 4G, but I’m sure that it would get smoked at the kind of stuff they challenge on. My phone app alone takes a good minute to turn on, take the picture, and then show me the pic in a way where I could then send it somewhere.