Tango Will Exist Alongside Mango, Windows Phone Fragmentation Imminent

So you thought fragmentation was only for Android? According to Paul Thurrot, infamous Microsoft rumor mill, the next version of Windows Phone will run alongside current Mango devices. This means not all devices will be receiving Tango, which he calls Windows Phone 7.5.1. Tango is aimed at low-end devices with low memory. Devices running Tango will have certain resource intensive tasks disabled, and they won’t have full access to all the apps in the Marketplace.

Apps will be certified seperately for Tango and Mango. Developers will be able to choose to have their apps unavailable to low memory devices, which will simply be identified as devices running Tango. Thurrot expects Tango to be unveiled at MWC in a couple weeks.

I can’t say I understand this deliberate fragmentation. Thurrot mentions that an app like Plants vs Zombies won’t be available on low-end Tango devices. PvZ is currently playable on all Windows Phone devices, even the lower spec’d gen 1 devices. Are there going to be devices coming out with lower specs than gen 1 devices like the Samsung Focus and HTC Trophy? We’ll know more about this after MWC.

[via WinSupersite]

  • I hope that’s a rumor. It would be silly for them to fragment their group before even taking a strong third place in the mobile OS arms war.

  • Anonymous

    This might not be a bad situation because everything I’ve heard is that none of these low end phones will make it out of emerging markets.