Microsoft Research Working on Capacitive Screen Prototype that Works Through Clothing

New developments are always interesting to behold, but the latest from ¬†Microsoft Research could have a more practical use. The facility is currently working on creating a multi-touch screen that would allow users to interact with devices through fabric. Now, this immediately turns my attention to cold winter days with gloves, where you have to decide between staying warm or accepting that phone call. Sure, there are capacitive conductor gloves, but those are bulky and they don’t really give you control.

The example outlined in the video below shows a man walking along with his device in his pocket. He can draw one of several gestures to control the music player in his pocket without removing it. This sounds pretty neat and would be especially handy, so we’re looking forward to seeing more of what Microsoft has under its sleeve.

[via WMPU]

  • That looks amazing. Love the demo applications they’re showing for it too.