Money Manager Pro 2.0 Released with Live Tile Support

If you’re looking for  great application to manage your finances on Windows Phone, you may want to consider Money Manager Pro 2.0. It’s been updated and allows you to keep track of your finances  using live tiles, while saving all of your encrypted data to SkyDrive. Some features include:

  • always have an updated balance of your financial balance by tracking all of your financial flows;
  • fully customize the flows items;
  • add in a few seconds your expenses and incomes;
  • generate detailed reports and charts of your flows;
  • manage your bank accounts and your cards;
  • schedule recurring expenses and incomes;
  • set up a password to protect your privacy;
  • use live tiles to always have up-to-date data on your WP7 home screen;
  • save all your app data on SkyDrive as encrypted files;
  • set up a reminder for backup.
The 2.0 update offers multi-tasking and live tiles that keep you up to date with all of your finances. If you’re interested in giving it a go, there is a free trial available on the Marketplace, while the full version will set you back $2.49.

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