Gartner: Windows Phone Sales Up 62% Between Q3 & Q4 2011, Up 450% From 2010

How about some positive sales numbers for a change? We’ve been sensing that Windows Phone is getting more popular, but the numbers haven’t proved it, yet. Gartner has finally released their numbers for Q4 of 2011 and Windows Phone came out looking pretty good.

Gartner says that 2.759 million Windows Phone devices were sold in Q4 of 2011. That is a 450% increase in sales over Q4 in 2010. That also puts Windows Phone marketshare up to about 2%. Gartner also believes that no more Windows Mobile devices are being sold. Which means that 2.759 million is all Windows Phone.

The 2.759 million devices sold in Q4 is also an increase from the previous quarter. In Q3 of 2011 there were 1.7 Windows Phone devices sold. That is a 62% increase in sales. The report suggests that this increase is due to Nokia. Hopefully we can maintain this momentum.

[via WMPU]

  • I think the news about Windows8 merging the metro UI from the zune/phones with the main windows lineup has to be helping. It’s definitely made me want to get my hands on both and play for a while.

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    This is all of course not true. Worldwide Windows Mobile is definitely still being sold. The idea of an OS being completely wiped out worldwide in 1 quarter is laughable.