NaviComputer Finally Coming to Windows Phone

A few months ago we reported that popular off-line GPS app NaviComputer was interested in moving to new platforms. It’s been a staple Windows Mobile app for some, but with Windows Mobile no longer being supported, the developer was seeking to jump ship to a new platform.

A poll on his website let users vote which platform the app would be ported to first, and WP7 got a resounding 800 votes compared to 200 for Android. This poll shows that Windows Mobile customers have been loyal Windows Phone users and according to the developer, it really suits his needs as well:

Don’t be blinded by the success of Android and the bad market share of Windows Phone 7 and don’t be blinded by hardware specification numbers. Go try and compare it yourself to see which device and operating system fits your needs best. Personally I really like my HTC Titan with WP7.5 and would change neither any Android nor an iPhone against it.

You can check out a video preview of NaviComputer for WP7 below.

[via WMPU]

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