New Tango Details Arise, Fragmentation Imminent

One of the benefits of a single operating system that both Windows Phone and iOS have enjoyed is that phones can be updated with the latest versions and patches with very little headache. Unfortunately it looks like Tango will put an end to this, as the 256MB of RAM that will be included on Tango phones will severely limit some features.

New Tango Features

  • Several new countries supported
  • Automatically download and update apps via Zune
  • Pre-installed apps increasaed from 16 to 40
  • Manage SIM contacts on the card
  • Export contacts to the SIM
  • Select roaming settings
  • Multiple attachments for MMS messages
While these new features are all well and good, has found that the 256MB limit for low end devices will make them unable to install certain applications, and some 3rd party live tiles may not update automatically, making them practically useless.
Video streaming from these devices will also be limited, and the camera requirement for the devices has been lowered down to 3 megapixels. SkyDrive photo uploading will not be included on Tango devices, either.
Obviously there are many new improvements in Tango that will make Windows Phone even better, but the developments that are designed for 256MB devices seem rather restrictive for the average smartphone user. Still, in developing countries, this may help Windows Phone’s market penetration even more, if these devices can compete with Android’s low end devices on pay-as-you-go services and the like.

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