Sky Player is an Elegant Way to Play Your SkyDrive Music

Marketplace screenshots

SkyDrive is a very underrated service offered by Microsoft. No other free cloud storage service can come close to the 25GB you get with SkyDrive. With all that storage it’s no wonder people want to use SkyDrive as a streaming music service. The only problem is the SkyDrive app for Windows Phone doesn’t really work like a music player.

Enter Sky Player.

Sky Player certainly isn’t the first app to try and turn SkyDrive into a music player, but it definitely does it the best. Sky Player works just like you would expect a music player to work. The only difference is you need to sign into your SkyDrive account before you can listen to your music. The app design is reminiscent of MetroTube, which is a very good thing. Sky Player will catalog your entire collection automatically. It gives you the ability to edit meta-data information, download songs to phone, and create playlists.

Sky Player is FREE in the Marketplace.

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