Is Microsoft Planning A New Music Service?

While Microsoft’s Zune service has been around for a while now, first serving as an iTunes alternative for it’s Zune players and then as an update service for Windows Phones, it seems as though Microsoft is looking to transform the service into something more, or rebrand it all together.

According to CNET, Microsoft is looking to launch a music service that offers streaming and downloads similar to Spotify, but that is available across all of its devices, including Windows Phones and the Xbox 360. With Windows 8 coming this year, the service will likely be included on that platform as the default music store in direct competition with iTunes.

So what do you think? Is Microsoft too little too late in trying to launch their own music service? Zune Pass is functional, but it doesn’t provide near the selection that streaming music services such as Pandora and Spotify do. Will you use the service once it debuts?


  • I still use Zune as my main media player and PMP… but in terms of business models, keeping the Zune name while killing the pmp is kinda silly. People see it as a failure and a joke. Rebranding the service with Windows8 would be a common sense kinda move, although I will weep a few lonely tears for the service myself.