New XBLIG Companion App Highlights Great Indie Games

Xbox Live Indie Games have always had a bit of a hard life. While the service started out strong, Microsoft never really gave it the same promotion that it’s Arcade games got. Piled on top of that was the fiasco of the NXE update, which buried the indie games even further under a bunch of menus.

Thankfully Microsoft has finally seen fit to correct this by giving Xbox Live Indies a place on the dash under the games tab prominently displayed where they belong, but they’ve also gone one step further by adding the XBLIG Companion App for Windows Phone. The companion app will show you all the top selling and best Xbox Indie games available on the service. Links will take you to the Xbox Marketplace where you can then purchase games. The app is currently in beta, but expect it in the Marketplace soon.

[via The Verge]