Nokia Lumia 719 Coming to Verizon? Passes Bluetooth SIG on the way

Your eyes do not deceive you, we are indeed about to talk about a Windows Phone device on Verizon. The long rumored Lumia 719 has passed Bluetooth SIG today, taking ESPN and Univision apps along with it. As the naming suggests this is a variant of the Lumia 710. It contains a 3.7″ display, 5MP camera, but maybe something else that wasn’t in the Lumia 710.

There are rumors that this device will include LTE, something we know Verizon has demanded before selling more Windows Phone devices. The rumor is that this device will be unveiled next week in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. Hopefully Verizon doesn’t let us down again.

[ via WMPU]

  • You said it is a variant of the 910, I think you mean 710.

  • Joe Fedewa

    Good call.