A Look at SkyDrive on Windows 8

Yesterday we told you about the changes Microsoft is looking to make to its SkyDrive service, but those changes would encompass the whole service. Today, Microsoft has provided a few more details on how the cloud service will work on Windows 8.

According to Microsoft, the next version of SkyDrive will integrate with LiveMesh to allow file storing and web service into one app, similar to Dropbox. The service will see SkyDrive integrated into the Explorer desktop, with the ability to fetch remote files directly from SkyDrive.com.

The desktop app will allow synchronization of files up to 2GB in size and will have an easy drag and drop interface. It’s obvious Microsoft is taking cues from competitors such as DropBox, which allows for a minor degree of Explorer integration right now through the use of Libraries on Windows 8.

We’re looking forward to seeing SkyDrive in action and only time will tell if it will lure people away from Dropbox, which has gained widespread use for its easy syncing of files across desktop and mobile environments alike.

[via BGR]

  • Having this baked into the OS (and hopefully the mobile OS as well) would be amazing.

  • can’t wait for Windows 8 tablets.. !!!!!!