Grooveshark Not Planning on Developing for Windows Phone

For all you Grooveshark fans this is not the news you want to start the day with. Grooveshark for Windows Phone has been an interesting journey. At first the web app didn’t work because of something with the IE framework. Then just recently a Microsoft employee helped Grooveshark get the web app working. Despite that, and the fact that they have apps on dying platforms such like Blackberry and WebOS, Grooveshark has said they don’t plan on developing for Windows Phone.

Hey E *****, Thanks for Taking the time to write us. Unfortunately, Grooveshark is not planning on Developing for Windows Phone 7. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and confusion. Please let us know if You have Any further Top questions.

– Grooveshark community manager

So unfortuneately we’re stuck with the HTML5 web app until Grooveshark changes their mind, if ever. Luckily the web app works pretty flawlessly, and for the most part functions like a music player would.

[via WPCentral]

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