“Smoked by Windows Phone” Coming to an Ad Near You

Microsoft debuted a campaign at CES called “Smoked by Windows Phone” that showcases the speed of getting things done on a Windows Phone device. The basic premise is Ben the PC Guy challenges someone with a non-Windows Phone device to a race. The race can be anything from sending a Tweet to taking a picture. Whoever completes the task first wins. Windows Phone has fared very well in these races.

The Seattle Times reports that Microsoft is taking this campaign to internet advertisements. The ads will challenge readers to beat the speed of Windows Phone in browser searches, sharing to a social network, or uploading a picture. There will be 12 different ads that will run on tech sites until the start of April.

This is really a great strategy by Microsoft, and we wish they would take it all the way to television commercials. People all over say they like Windows Phone, but there is a lack of real reasons presented to convince people to actually make the switch. The old example we always see is the People Hub, which is great, but it’s time for Microsoft to move on and try something else. These ads can work.

[via Seattle Times]

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