Windows Marketplace Just as Much a Haven for Spammers as Android Marketplace

One of the major criticisms always levied at the Android Marketplace is the prominence of spam app accounts that often mimic legit apps. Angry Birds is often a target since it is so popular, but it looks like Windows Marketplace is falling victim to the same sort of spammer accounts. Currently an app developer called Attract Labs has nearly 100 “quote” apps for various celebrities and occasions, though these could all legitimately be merged into one app.

A second app developer account called MagicCode Unlimited contains another 89 apps, bringing the grand total of useless quote apps on the Marketplace to nearly 200, and that’s from one single developer. Microsoft needs to nip this sort of action in the bud quick if it wants to avoid the massive headaches Google deals with on a daily basis.

[via WMPU]




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