Nokia Teases Pure View Camera Phone, is it for Symbian or Windows Phone? [Update]

Nokia has posted the above teaser video to hype up their announcements for Mobile World Congress. The video includes things such as Pure Depth, Pure Detail and Pure Definition, obvious indications of something with a Pure Camera. The only question is whether this device will be for Symbian or Windows Phone. There have been rumors suggesting both, so we will have to wait and see on this one.

UPDATE: The Windows Phone 7 Lead in Finland Tweets that he is excited for this phone. That could be a very good sign that this device will be running Windows Phone.

[via WMPU]

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to MWC! Hopefully WP can get some wind back in its sails. With only Nokia making any kind of effort on the hardware front it would be nice for the platform if they pulled a game-changer out of the bag.

    LG, Samsung & HTC do not appear to be putting any significant resources behind WP which is such a shame. All the better for Nokia though as everyone I know who is buying or recently bought a WP is buying/bought a Nokia.