Sega Emulator Set to Return as “Blue Tomato”

We covered a Sega emulator a while ago by the name Sonic’s Jewels 7, but¬†unfortunately¬†it was removed from the Marketplace due to a copyright claim by Sega themselves. The claim had to do with the unauthorized use of Sonic the Hedgehog in the title and in graphics throughout the app.

Since then the developer has been working on a new version that should avoid any copyright claims. The rebranded app is called Blue Tomato, and is free of any Sega copyrights. The developer posted some screenshots of the app that is currently going through the certification process. The good news is that people who bought the old app will not be recharged for Blue Tomato. We’ll keep you posted on when this app shows up in the Marketplace.

[Facebook via WPCentral]

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