Microsoft Attacks Google Again, Posts Funny(?) Video

Here at WinSource we are admitted users of many Google services, so when Microsoft jabs at Google we have mixed reactions. In this video Microsoft ridicules Google and their tendency to sometimes kill off projects. The video is titled “Googlighting,” an obvious play on “moonlighting.” It stars a man embodying Google as he attempts to “moonlight” as a cloud computing service.

The video ends up translating to something like “don’t use Google Docs, because it’s different than Microsoft Office.” We would prefer to see Microsoft and Google get along, because if they really want to pry people away from Android they are going to need better Google services integration. What do you think about the video?

  • I think the Google guy is kinda funny, but the rest of it is painful to watch bc its just so bad and cheesy.

    I love Windows, use Zune, and flirt with the idea of owning a WP7 phone regularly, but this ad just makes me want to stick with Google all the way. Especially since their cloud services are seriously lacking in the products I’m stuck using at work.

  • Ashtac

    Having owned 5 android phones since my 1st G1. I think this add is silly but kinda true. There’s no way that huge major companies are going to switch from windows office products to google docs. Office is my product of choice period. When mango came out I switched immediately! No more android for me. Had my Nokia for about two months. I don’t miss a thing and love the fact that I can make edit modify powerpoint, excel…etc… Windows is smoother and faster and best of all no more irritating force closes!