LG Confirms No New Windows Phone Device at MWC

Despite rumors flying of the LG Miracle, a rumored new Windows Phone device, the company confirmed at Mobile World Congress in an interview with AllThingsD that while the company is still developing for Windows Phone despite slower than hoped for sales, it had no plans to reveal a new phone any time soon.

Ramchan Woo blamed the current state of Windows Phone’s on carriers reluctance to promote the devices and says many are still trying to figure out how to sell them. With news that LG will not be releasing a new phone, that leaves us with Nokia and ZTE’s announcements, which is a shame, really. We’re hoping LG doesn’t decide to throw in the towel on this still burgeoning operating system.



  • They’re probably waiting to see how Nokia’s stuff does and figure out how to piggyback on their success or learn from any failures. I think the same will be true of some Android stuff once the first GoogMoto devices start hitting the market.