Nokia Announces Voddler as a Pre-Installed App

Nokia has an awesome set of pre-installed apps on its devices, but the company announced at MWC that it will be adding a video streaming app to that collection. Voddler will be unique to the Lumia series and will allow you to organize movie nights with friends using your mobile. Here’s the full description.

Voddler Lumia Movie Night: The functionality lets friends blend physical and online viewing by scheduling joint movie nights, using the mobile device not just for watching movies but also for scheduling, organizing, chatting, reviewing and more. Voddler Lumia Movie Night lets friends share movie moments, whether they are in the same room or continents away.

The Lumia app will be launched first in Voddler’s home countries, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. After that, Voddler will begin launching in current European markets where Lumia devices are available. There’s no news on whether or not the US will receive this app, so let’s hope that release is soon after the European release.

[via WMPU]


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