Nokia Keen on Exploring Tablet Options With Microsoft

Before now, Nokia really hasn’t said much in the way of what it expects to do with tablet devices in its relationship with Microsoft. Stephen Elop, the CEO for Nokia finally confirmed in an interview at MWC that the company was working on possibilities for a tablet device with Microsoft.

“We look very closely at what is coming out of Microsoft in terms of Windows 8. We are very, very pleased with the consistency of the user experience that is coming from the Windows phone and moving up onto tablets and slates and PCs as Windows 8. So we look at those things and say, boy, if there’s a family opportunity there, that’s something we’ll look at very carefully.’’

The devices used in the header are concept devices produced by fans, but I’m sure many of you will be happy to know that Nokia has expressed interest in the tablet market after it’s failed Symbian debut. We’ll keep you updated on these developments.

[via NYTimes]


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