Windows Phone Tango Features Include Improved Messaging and App Restrictions

Two phones were announced today with Windows Phone Tango on board, the Lumia 610 and the ZTE Orbit. We’re getting a closer look at what exactly Tango will bring to the table by diving in to these devices. Already discovered is the fact that Tango supports 256MB of RAM and less than 1GHz processors. We’ve got a couple more tidbits for you now.

The messaging app is getting some nice additions in Tango. Most notably is how it handles pictures and videos, plus a new “voice note” feature for sendingĀ snippetsĀ of your voice. Microsoft says 95% of applications should work with the lower RAM allowance in Tango, but those that don’t won’t be in the Marketplace. Note that phones without plenty of RAM will not be affected by all of Tango’s restrictions.

[via The Verge]

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