Chinese Handset Makers Unsure About Tango

While many American consumers and pundits have been turning their noses up at the lower specced phones rumored to be produced by the Tango update, it seems Chinese handset makers may be joining them in their lack of support for the move from Microsoft.

The Tango update will allow Microsoft and Nokia to release budget-minded smartphones that ideally, will help with market penetration in less developed countries. Unfortunately, the world of smartphone hardware always demands more and more, not less and less. Tango phones lose many of the features that make smartphones easy to use, such as background apps running.

Android is a popular alternative in the Chinese market because developers can create open-ended applications for their services and with the high adoption rate, it reaches millions of people. Despite this established formula, Nokia plans on pressing forward with its first release of Windows Phones in China within the first half of 2012. Huawei is also rumored to jump into the fray soon, while other China-based handset makers such as Lenovo and ZTE have held back.

[via BGR]

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