Elop Says Lumia 710 is “Exceeding Expectations”

Stephen Elop loves to talk about Nokia’s success without actually divulging how successful it has been. This morning at MWC, he talked about the company’s reach to 31 different countries on 50 different telecom operators.

He also spoke of the high praise received by his phones, but of special note is his discussion about the Lumia 710, which was the official launch phone for Nokia’s return to the US market. The phone launched in late January on T-Mobile and Elop says that sales are “exceeding expectations” and that the company is very pleased with its performance.

According to T-Mobile’s website, the Lumia 710 is its third best selling smartphone, so there may be more to Elop’s presentation than the usual smoke and mirrors to build up Nokia in the consumer’s eye. We’ll eagerly be watching as the Lumia 900 makes its AT&T debut.

[via WPCentral]

  • Lance Young

    Nice to hear! I’m loving my 710! This board really needs to pick up like phandroid.com. There’s good stuff here.