Lumia 610 Nets Two Awards at Mobile World Congress

The Lumia 900 was a popular phone for awards at CES, but it looks like the new media darling is the budget conscious Lumia 610, which walked away with two awards. Laptop Magazine awarded the phone its Best Budget Smartphone award, writing:

Though the Lumia 610 will be marketed at budget-conscious consumers, Nokia didn’t skimp on this Windows Phone’s style or software. Available with a stunning metallic-edged black, cyan, red or white bezel, this handset (189 Euros unsubsidized) looks sexier than ,any high-end superphones. Even with just 256MB of RAM and a lower-end 800-MHz processor, the Lumia 610 provides smooth performance when navigating through Windows Phone 7.5 and using Nokia’s suite of innovative applications. It’s also the first phone to come bundled with Nokia Transport, a new app that helps you plan a route using public transportation rather than a car.

Additionally, Tom’s Hardware awarded the phone with its Best in Show award, which speaks volumes for what the press has to say about the devices.

[via WMPU]

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