Skype Unable to Run in the Background Due to Platform Limitations

We previewed the new Skype beta for you earlier this week, which seems pretty solid for a beta release. However, one of the major flaws of the current beta is that the app is unable to work in the background. Therefore, it’s rather useless for receiving calls unless you’re staring at the app and you can forget about talking while browsing.

You might consider this a limitation of beta, but as reported by The Verge, Microsoft is saying this is a limitation of the operating system itself and that it will still be a problem once the gold version of the app is released in April.

Considering that Skype doesn’t face these limitations on Android and no longer on iOS, it seems absolutely ancient that Microsoft’s platform is unable to support the simple background task of making and receiving calls on Skype. This certainly won’t go over well with consumers who may rely on Skype to reduce their minute usage.


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