Privacy Advocate Demands New Windows Phone After Google’s Privacy Policy Change

Google recently changed it’s privacy policy in an effort to provide one terms of service across all its services, but this change has left more than a few people perturbed about what Google plans to do with all the collected data. Alex Hanff, a privacy campaigner from Lancaster, England has filed a small claims court case against the company for the replacement of his HTC Desire.

“The changes are a significant infringement of my right to privacy and I do not consent to Google being able to use my data in such a way,” Hanff said, citing the changes as a significant breach in contract terms that will force him to purchase a new smartphone.

“They’ve been asked to suspend the changes several times, and Google keeps telling the regulators where to go. They’ve basically stuck two fingers up,” he added. “Hopefully my case will open an avenue for other consumers to take similar action.”

Google has nothing to say about Hanff’s case publicly, but it has mentioned that Android phones can still perform basic actions such as calling and texting without having to authenticate the phone with a Google account.

In an interesting turn of events, Hanff has stated that if he wins his case, he will replace his current Android smartphone with a Windows Phone, citing Apple’s privacy policy to be just as bad as Google’s and that he finds Microsoft’s to be the least threatening of the three.

[via WMPU]


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