Check Out this Nokia Snow Concept Phone

It’s always fun to see what designers can come up with in the realm of concept devices, which is why this Nokia Snow is so interesting. The phone is not an official design by Nokia, but instead something designer Mohamed Magdy Mahmoud had fun with in his free time.

Still, the design factor seems to follow all of Nokia’s own design guidelines and we wouldn’t mind seeing this be something Nokia might produce in the future. What do you think? Do you like the design, or is it something you’d pass on in favor of something else?

[via Concept Phones]

  • Pretty sleek design, but I hate square edged phones. They just don’t feel right in the hand.

  • They’re not really square. They have just as much curve to them as my Captivate.

  • The only smartphones I’ve had are rounded backs/sides (Palm Pre, NexusS4G)… they just feel so good, I don’t think I could switch from that now.