FourSquare Badge Bug Makes Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry Users Love Windows Phone

If you recently checked in to FourSquare from your Android or iOS device, guess what. You love Windows Phone. That was the state of affairs over the weekend as a small bug in how the Windows Phone badge was awarded saw all users checking in getting the badge on their accounts. FourSquare quickly fixed the mistake, but had this to say:

“We just wanted to send you a quick note to apologize for mistakenly awarding you the ‘I Love Windows Phone’ badge earlier today. Who’s to say what you love, anyway? If you do love the phone, you can unlock the badge fair and square by following and attending one of their awesome events. Until then, we’ll keep it out of your trophy case – and stop meddling with the affairs of your heart.”

Bugs like this are always hilarious to behold, because of how quickly they seem to bring out the ire in fanboys. Still, Microsoft could not have done better when it comes to exposure themselves, since every single FourSquare user who checked in over the weekend unlocked the badge.

[via WMPU]

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