Nokia Says It Needs an Even Cheaper Phone Than the Lumia 610 to Compete with Android

The Lumia 610 debuted at Mobile World Congress and coupled with the Windows Phone Tango update, it’s Nokia’s answer to the budget phone market. However, Nokia VP stated in an interview with Pocket-Lint that the company needs to reach the  €100 price range to remain competitive with Android

“Android is in many markets at the €100 price already, so that would suggest that if we are at €189 with the Lumia 610 we still have work to do when it comes to creating a lower-end first-time user smartphone.”

With standards already set below the bar for these Tango devices, lowering the costs any further remains the burden of the chipset and display manufacturers. For Nokia to reach rock-bottom prices, features may need to be cut from the phones that many smartphone users won’t want to live without.


  • People buying Android phones for under that price are probably just accidentally buying Android phones. They aren’t using it for much outside of basic functions. It’s not the kind of market that WP7 should be looking at bc it isn’t even aware it’s a market being targeted or doesn’t care.

    They need to aim for the lower-mid and mid ranged stuff. People buying old version of the iPhone bc they want a smartphone and think thats the best option for the price. People who get Android bc they want a smartphone but don’t want to be locked into the Apple system. People who root for the underdog and refuse to go with the huge marketshare guys.

    And please god don’t cut features and further fragment an OS. That shit is awful and people who are actively doing that need to be… dealt with.