Smoked by Windows Phone heads to India; Blows Away Competition

We told you about Ben Rudolph and his Smoked by Windows Phone challenge at CES, but it looks like Nokia is adapting this same marketing technique for its own uses in India. The challenge is called Blown Away by the Nokia Lumia, and features the Lumia going head to head against other smartphones in the country in much the same way as the original campaign.

For those who manage to beat the Lumia with their smartphone, the reward is 1,000 INR. Losers must own up to the fact that the Lumia 800 is better than their current smartphone. So far, three competitions have been held, with one taking place in Pune and two in Delhi. The official Facebook page for Nokia India has several images available.

The competition will be heading to two more cities, including Mumbai, Kalokata, and Bangalore.

[via ZDNet]

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