Verizon May Have Canceled Plans for a Windows Phone

According to rumors floating around the Internet, Verizon canceled plans to release a Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 device, codenamed Om. The phone was apparently put on the chopping block because of Windows Phone’s lack of LTE support. AT&T’s exclusive launch of the Lumia 900 that’s coming in a few weeks was probably a contributing factor as well.

With Verizon giving up on Tango devices, it is expected to hold off on Windows Phone until a Windows Phone 8 device is released, which will probably be a Nokia device. For now, the only Windows Phone that will remain on the network is the HTC Trophy. For all you Verizon fans out there, it looks like your wait for a new phone just got a little bit longer.

[via The Verge]

  • I hate the push to 4G tech that isn’t ready for prime-time yet. And if they are actively killing phones not using it, you can go ahead and wave good-bye to decent battery life for the next few years.