How to Add the Start Menu and Start Button to Windows 8

With Windows 8 Microsoft has removed something almost as iconic as the name “Windows” itself. We’re speaking of the Start menu and Start button that have been around since Windows 95. Luckily there is a way to get the Start items back in your life. Vishal Gupta, Microsoft MVP, has posted a easy 2 step solution to getting both the Start menu and Start button back.

  1. Download ViStart – a third-party freeware app that remakes the Windows 7 start menu
  2. When you run ViStart setup uncheck and decline any options for toolbars that are bundled with the product. These aren’t spyware or malware installations but you probably don’t want them.
  3. After installation, the Start orb and menu will return instantly and you should be able to use the Windows key to toggle them.

If you have problems after following the two steps there are more detailed instructions here. Note that most Start menu options work like you’d expect, but pinning things to Start puts them on the Metro interface instead of the task bar.

[via The Verge]

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