Nokia Preparing Windows Phone 8 Devices Codenamed “Prodigy” and “AC/DC”

Are you ready to rock? Apparently Nokia is by the sound of two new codenames for Windows Phone 8 devices. According to The Verge Nokia is preparing two new handsets for AT&T with some interesting codenames.

The devices are codenamed “Prodigy” and “AC/DC.” The Prodigy is said to be a superphone Windows Phone 8 device, and the AC/DC will be a mid-range device. Both wil be launching on AT&T, but plans for Verizon (!!!), Sprint (!!!), and T-Mobile are possible.

The Verge reports that HTC is also preparing two Windows Phone 8 handsets for AT&T, and maybe Verizon and Sprint. With all these rumored devices headed to AT&T we certainly hope the other carriers pick up a few. If not it’s beginning to look like AT&T is the home of Windows Phone.

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