Microsoft Adding Location Alert Icon to Tango and Current Devices

Location tracking is all the rage these days. Not surprisingly, it turns out that people don’t like to find out their phone is tracking their every move. That is unless their phone is honest and upfront about it. iOS and Android have always had a built in indicator icon that shows up every time an app is accessing your location. It’s a little compass arrow in iOS, and a crosshairs in Android. This feature has been absent from Windows Phone, but not for long.

In documentation and in an email to The Verge Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone will be adding this feature soon. The location icon is expected to be preinstalled on new Tango devices, and then an update will be sent to current Windows Phone devices. There is no word on when this update will be sent out. The location icon is something that many people probably didn’t notice was missing, but it is something that should definitely be there.

[via The Verge]

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