Lumia 710 Owners Love Their Smartphones

How do you recognize an iPhone user? He’ll tell you he has one, but according to Argus Insights, a company dedicated to product analytics, Nokia Lumia 710 users are just as vocal, if not more so about their new smartphones.

Most people who purchase the Lumia 710 are people who are upgrading from feature phones and may not be familiar with most functions of modern smartphones. Data collected from social media of Lumia 710 owners shows that these people have many positive things to say about their new devices, with iPhone 4S consumers being more negative about certain topics such as connectivity and performance.

This information is a welcome boon to Microsoft, as the Tango update is designed specifically to target these new smartphone users.

[via WMPU]

  • I have two coworkers who just got WP7 devices and they love them and bring them up quite a bit more than anyone else at work. Asking what device you have/use and then continuing on to say how much they love their new thing. So this isn’t a huge surprise to me.