Microsoft Officially Lists Windows Phone 256MB Limitations

The main feature we keep hearing about in Tango is the new 256MB of RAM limitations. Tango is making it possible for OEMs to create phones with lower specs to spearhead the mid-range market. With those lower specs comes limitations in what the software can do. Microsoft has officially outlined those limitations.

  • Some apps that require more than 256MB of RAM will not be available in the Marketplace.
  • Devices with 256MB of RAM won’t be able to manage podcasts and video podcasts.
  • Bing local scout won’t be present in the Bing search app.
  • No fast app switching for 256MB of RAM devices.
  • No automatic SkyDrive photo upload.
  • No HD video playback.
  • Background agents will be disabled.

So if you’re looking to save some money and buying a device with 256MB of RAM that is what you will be giving up. Is it worth it?

[via The Verge]

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