Sony Ericsson Windows Phone Prototype for Sale on eBay

A few weeks ago we told you about a prototype device from Sony Ericsson that lead to speculation that the company may be releasing a new Windows Phone at Mobile World Congress. While that announcement never came, that prototype is now for sale on eBay for anyone who’s interested in a piece of Windows Phone history.

Since the phone is a prototype, not much is known about it. It seems to be running a beta version of Windows Phone that will probably never receive any updates and the exact specs for the internals remains a mystery. The known features include 3G capability, Bluetooth, GPS, and a slie out QWERTY keyboard which is an oddity for Windows Phone.

As of writing, the phone is up to $355 with 7 bids if you want to try your hand at winning a piece of history. Check out the auction here.

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