YouTube Client “PrimeTube” Finally Available in the Marketplace

Google and Microsoft don’t seem to have the greatest relationship. This has resulted in there being less Google apps for Windows Phone than even iOS. One of the most glaring Google apps that is absent is of course YouTube. Luckily developers have tried, and mostly succeeded, to bring YouTube apps to Windows Phone. The latest attempt is an app called PrimeTube.

A while back we told you about PrimeTube, and now it is finally here. PrimeTube bills itself as “the most elegant way to access YouTube.” The UI is very clean and Metro, and it’s packed with all the YouTube features you would expect. Check out the lenghy feature list below.

  • Search for videos; filter and sort results.
  • Like/Dislike videos, read and reply to comments
  • Pin videos, playlists and authors (featuring live tile support) for instant access
  • Share videos via social networks, email and SMS
  • Create playlists and manage your subscriptions
  • Complete music + video hub integration
  • Multi-region support
  • Supports Fast-App Switching

PrimeTube is free and without ads (yay!), and the developer promisies to always keep it that way. You can grab it in the Marketplace right now.


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