Zemote Gets a UI Overhaul in Version 2.2

It would seem like a Zune remote would be an obvious app for Microsoft to make, unfortunately they haven’t found the time to make one. Luckily the developer community has filled the void with an app called Zemote. Zemote has been around since February, but today it has received a nice makeover. The functionality still remains mostly unchanged. You can control many of the things that you do with the Zune desktop software.

  • Play, create, edit and delete playlists from your phone
  • You can now find and play songs by genres
  • Albums will now play in the correct order instead of alphabetically
  • The Zemote PC Software should load your library up to 2 times faster
  • You can now password-protect your connection, so nobody else can connect to your PC.
  • Bugfixes

Zemote has a free and a $1.99 version.

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