DrawSomething Needs Your Help to Arrive on Windows Phone

The latest craze in perr-to-peer mobile gaming is DrawSomething. This game has been around on OMGPop.com for a while as “Draw My Thing,” but recently it made the jump to iOS and Android as well. The game is like Pictionary Lite. You and a partner (from Facebook, email, username, or random) take turns drawing things for the other person to guess. It’s very easy, and extremely fun. DrawSomething is one of the few reasons why I still pick up my Android phone once in a while.

If this sounds like a game you want on Windows Phone there is something you can do. Over in the forums for the app a discussion has broke out about bringing the app to Windows Phone. A rep has responded and said that if there is enough demand they will try to make an app. You can sign in with any number of social networks and show your support for the idea. So far almost 500 people have backed the idea. Why not you?

DrawSomething Forum (GO HERE!)

  • I would definitely encourage anyone with a WP7 device to get on that. It’s a blast to play with friends and strangers alike.