Google Chrome Will Also Have a Metro Version for Windows 8

We’ve been hearing a lot about the¬†Firefox¬†version for Windows 8, but what about the other very popular browser? Of course we’re talking about Google Chrome. A Google rep has told Mashable that a new version of Chrome will work with the Windows 8 Metro interface. It will be designed to work with touch, and it will still work in the regular desktop interface as well. There is no word on when we can expect this version to arrive. It’s great to see so many big applications like Firefox and Chrome already on board with Windows 8. Hopefully this is a good sign.

  • Glad to hear this. I assumed that Chrome wouldn’t just ignore the Win8 Metro stuff, but its good to hear confirmation that they’re on board.

  • Elfsnchung

    That’s great.More and more browsers are coming to win8, First firefox and now chrome, when will maxthon and Avant browser add into the browsers team? I like these two browsers which full of build-in useful features.
    Maybe they will keep the dual-core or tri-core version for win8? since the chrome engine and firefox engine are already exist there, I think it’s an easy thing to integrate them into version for win8.