Windows Overload for March 13th

Today was a busy day in Windows Land, and here at WinSource we were operating short handed. But that’s no excuse for missing some news stories! Here for your reading pleasure we have links to some stories that didn’t make it on the front page. These links might not seem as important as the ones on the front page, but they have a lot of heart. We know they won’t let you down.

  • LG releases Photo Exhibition for Windows Phone [via WPCentral]
  • Twin Blades pulled from Windows Phone, Xbox 360, and iTunes Marketplaces [via WPCentral]
  • Pocket Meme for Windows Phone heading to the Marketplace [Video] [via WPCentral]
  • Microsoft Details Windows 8 Store App Licensing Model For Consumers [via Microsoft-News]
  • Nokia Lumia handsets launching March 28th in China [via WMPU]
  • World Record: 144 Windows Phones create a massive display [Video] [via WPCentral]

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